12 days of cheese

Born of a love of cheese we have created the ultimate Christmas gift. 12 artisanal French Cheeses packaged in a hand crafted box. The perfect gift for clients, customers and loved ones.

Working with our cheese monger we have curated a selection of French cheeses including creamy, blues and hard cheeses. The perfect mix for lovers of cheese.


Made to order

All our boxes are created to order and we have only a limited amount available for sale.

Once your order is placed we will contact you to arrange your delivery date to ensure your 12 days of cheese package is delivered fresh.

Please note we are only delivering to Melbourne Metro areas at the moment.


First packs sent

We were excited to see our first 12 days of Cheese go out. They are full of the most delicious cheeses each weighing between 80 - 150 grams.

Buy 12 Days Of Cheese

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12 hand selected premium French cheeses included in each pack

  • Brique Daffinois

    wonderfully luscious, this soft-ripened double cream cheese has a mild and buttery flavour.

  • Mon Pere Brie

    a soft cheese with a smooth creamy flavour profile that just hints at subtle mushroom flavours from the rind.

  • Will Studd Brillat Savarin

    a triple-cream cheese with a deliciously creamy slightly chalky centre. Soon to be your new favourite!

  • Le Conquerant Camembert

    a soft hand made cheese, with distinct hints of cauliflower, wet straw & truffle.

  • Marcel Petite Comte

    hard cow’s milk cheese with a subtle yet rich nutty flavour.

  • St Mamet Cantal AOP

    one of the oldest cheeses from France, this hard cheese has a firm, brittle and crumbly taste.

  • Chabert Emmental Savoie

    with it’s large holes and it has a delicate fruity flavour.

  • Grainborge Pont Leveque

    a yellow washed rind cheese with a soft centre, it has a subtle flavour and slight taste of hazelnut and butter.


  • Bel Port Salut

    a washed rind cheese with a mild, subtle creamy flavour and soft-in-the-mouth texture.

  • Le Dauphin Soumaintrain

    a washed rind cheese with a wrinkly outer and soft interior. Mild and creamy.

  • L.F.C. Fourme D’ambert

    a mild blue cheese, with a dry natural rind and creamy interior.


  • Cantorel Bleu Dauvergne

    a well balanced blue cheese with a salty tart finish on the palate.


When will my 12 Days of Cheese be delivered?

To ensure the quality of your cheese is preserved, we will call you once your order has been placed to arrange your delivery. Given the perishable nature of the product, we currently only deliver to Melbourne Metro areas. You can arrange to collect packs from us.

Where are the cheeses from?

All our cheeses are from France and have been selected to provide a diverse range of super premium cheeses.

Can I change the cheese selection?

Unfortunately we can only offer the 12 cheeses listed in the packs. We are sure you will find a new cheese or two to love in the selection!

Is there a limit on how many packs I can order?

No, we are happy to help with larger corporate orders and can customise the branding for orders over 10 packs.