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Sassy French Cider + Cheese


Working with the team from The Drinks Hive, we have sourced a hand-crafted cider collection from the heart of Normandy in France. Experience three ciders from Sassy - Pear, Apple and Rose. All the ciders are made using the artisanal fruit - pressing technique.

Sassy Pear Cider - Delicate and refined, The SASSY pear cider distinguishes itself through its effervescence and delicacy. Made using 10 different varieties of hand picked pears, the pure flavour and sharp finish balances perfectly with the pear’s natural sweetness – its perfect for an aperitif and pairs well with shellfish, fish and chocolate desserts.

SASSY Apple Cider shows a perfect balance between the dry of a dry cider, and the fruitiness of a semi-dried cider. Made using 20 different varieties of hand picked apples it is characterised by an aromatic complexity and delicacy, this cider, served at 8°, is perfect for an aperitif or to be paired with meat, cheese or an apple dessert.

SASSY Red Rosé cider is halfway between a sweet cider and a semi-dry cider. It provides the right balance between fruit and acidity which allows the apple aroma to shine through. Using 15 varieties of hand-picked apples, the pink tinge of the cider is naturally obtained, through the special use of pink-fleshed apples during production. Served at 7°, this cider is ideal as an aperitif or paired with desserts such as sorbet or pastry.

We have matched two cheeses to these French ciders. From Normandy Le Conquerant Camembert from the Will Studd Collection, where we have followed the principle of if it grows together is goes together. From Australia the Yarra Valley Dairy goat log, a decadent and smooth goats cheese.

Your pack contains:
x1 Sassy Cider - Rosé 750ml
x1 Sassy Cider - Pear 750ml
x1 Sassy Cider - Apple 750ml
Normandy Le Conquerant Camembert from the Will Studd Collection 250g
Yarra Valley Dairy White Savourine Log 200g
Oliver Lane Crispbread (Gluten Free)


Sometimes the cheeses listed may not be available, we will replace them with equally premium and delicious cheese. 

NSW Liquor Act 2007: It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. The Drink Hive supports the responsible service of alcohol. License No: LIQP770016981


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