12 Days Of Cheese

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Please note we are currently only delivering to Melbourne Metro areas.

A hand selected range of 12 premium French cheeses, packaged in a box you can keep.

The cheeses included are:

  • Brique D'affinois
  • Mon Pere Brie
  • Will Studd Brillat Savarin
  • Le Conquerant Camembert
  • Marcel Petite Comte
  • St Mamet Cantal
  • Chabert Emmental Savoie
  • Grainborge Pont Leveque
  • Bel Port Salut
  • Le Dauphin Soumaintrain
  • L.F.C. Fourme D’ambert
  • Cantorel Bleu Dauvergne

Average serving per cheese between 50 - 80 grams.

Pre-purchase for delivery on the following dates (just in time for Christmas and Corporate gift giving)

19th December

21st December

$20 delivery fee, we will be in touch to arrange your personal delivery to ensure your cheese remains chilled and in pristine condition.

If you would like to discuss your order or create a custom branded order please contact us on 0411 237 216.