Berrys Creek Mossvale Blue, 150g


Berrys Creek Mossvale Blue
Cows Milk, Blue, Gippsland, Victoria, 150g

Barry Charlton specialises in blue cheese. He is often affectionately refered to as Australia’s ‘Master of Blue’ and many would agree. His purpose built factory in South Gippsland overlooks Wilson’s Prom and it’s there that Barry uses the milk from a few local dairy farms to handcraft his wheels of blue.

After two months of ripening the buttery yellow texture develops light shades of green blue mould and is finished with a mild and creamy salty blue flavour, finishing with a sweet aftertaste.

The Berrys Creek cheese range also embraces vegetarian cheese-lovers, as they use only non-animal rennet and to everyone's taste, our cheese is proudly preservative free.

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