Grazing Box - 4 cheeses + Salumi



Create the perfect Grazing platter at home, all the work is done for you, just open the selections and you are ready to go. 


Brillat Savarin Affine selected by Will Studd, Cows Milk Cheese, France, 200g
Brillat Savarin is a decadent triple-cream cheese that is the perfect party pleaser. Deliciously creamy with a slightly chalky centre when young, the texture gradually breaks down until it can be scooped from the centre with a spoon close to its use-by date. Be warned this cheese is very addictive…

Jacquin Buchette Goats Cheese, Goats Milk, Fresh Curd, Loire Valley, France, 150g

The Loire Valley is known for its picturesque gardens and plentiful fruit production, a result of the few degrees of temperature that the Loire River brings to the region. The abundance of vegetation was recognised by Arab migrants in the 8th century, who left behind goats and recipes for cheese. The region became the starting point of goat’s-milk cheese production in France with varying styles made on both sides of the river. The simplest is known in France as ‘chevre’: a fresh curd cheese that is eaten plain or sometimes with flavouring, including herbs, fruit, nuts or honey. Jacquin Buchette Plain is a mild and tangy fresh chevre with a slightly moist texture. Great on a cheese board but also a fantastic versatile cooking ingredient. These small logs or ‘buchettes’ have been made for three generations by the Jacquin family.

Yarra Valley Dairy Saffy, Cows Milk, Soft Cheese, Yarra Valley, Victoria, 275g

Fresh cows milk cheese is marinated in saffron, lemon rind, cumin seeds, garlic & olive oil to create a lusciously creamy cheese with a hint of honey & saffron with a zesty lemon finish.

Just one hour from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley has a long history of dairy farming and is renowned for its stunning scenery as well as producing superb wine and artisan food. Reflecting the traditional farmhouse cheeses of France and Italy, expect cheeses that are fresh and soft in style, from the Yarra Valley Dairy. Only using the freshest cows milk from nearby Yarra Valley dairy farms and goats milk from the neighbouring region of Mansfield in the foothills of Victoria’s High Country Alps, these artisan cheeses are award winning (and delicious!) 

Pyengana Clothbound Farmhouse Cheddar, Cows Milk, Semi-Hard, Tasmania, 150g

This is Australia’s oldest specialist cheese and is still made on the farm in North-eastern Tasmania. Apart from pasteurisation of the milk, this cheese is made according to traditional handmade techniques that date back to the turn of the century, by fourth generation cheesemaker John Healey. The curds are formed using a technique known as ‘stirred curd’ and after hooping, the rounds are clothbound and pressed on an antique Victorian bed press. The result is a fine textured, crumbly body, with subtle flavours of pasture and a lingering nuttiness. Pyengana Dairy matures their cheeses and encourages the symbiotic relationship of the surface moulds and cultures. The result is a fine textured, crumbly body, with subtle flavours of pasture and a lingering nuttiness.

To go along with your cheeses will be a selection of Salumi, pastes, chutney and muscatels and crackers.


NB.. we have had to quickly go online with this pack, so the pic shows how it will be presented, but the contents may be different. Hope you understand! This COVID last minute lockdown is crazy! 


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