Homestay Rosé - a selection 8 cheeses + French Rosé

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The ultimate selection of cheese to keep you sane whilst in self isolation, with the added bonus of a bottle of French Rosé.

Cheeses included - Petit d'Affinois (France), L’artisan organic petit rouge (Victoria), Woombye Cheese Company Blackall Washed rind (Queensland), Isle of Man Vintage cheddar (Great Britain), Isle of Man Celtic Red (Great Britain), Maffra Cheese Co. Cloth Aged Cheddar (Gippsland), Berry's Creek Gourmet Cheese (Gippsland) Tarwin Blue and Riverina Blue.

That’s 1.2 kilos of premium cheese!

Petit d'Affinois 150g
France, Double Cream, Cow's Milk

Affectionately known as ‘Daff’ this decadent creamy and mild cheese is about to become your new favourite!

L’artisan Organic Petit Rouge 180g
Western District, Victoria, Washed Rind, Cow's Milk

French cheesemaker Matthieu Megard has created an intense washed rind cheese using local organic milk from Western District, Victoria.

Woombye Cheese Company Triple Cream Brie 200g
Woombye, Queensland, Australia, Washed Rind, Cow's Milk

A thin bloomy white rind hides a deliciously rich and creamy centre. The addition of extra cream the already rich jersey milk creates a luxurious cheese that begs for an effervescent accompaniment.

Isle of Man Vintage Cheddar 180g
Isle of Man, Great Britain, Hard, Cow's Milk

A close textured, subtly sweet and nutty cheese with a very long finish that lingers in the mouth. 

Isle of Man Celtic Red 180g
Isle of Man, Great Britain, Hard, Cow's Milk

A russet red hard pressed cheese which is aged between 15 to 18 months to produce a Vintage Red Leicester. A twist on the traditional recipe produces a complex and full flavoured cheese combining both sweet and savoury notes along with a subtle crunch.

Maffra Cloth Aged Cheddar, 180g
Gipsland, Victora, Semi-Hard, Cow

Maffra’s Cloth-Aged Cheddar is a multi-award winning farmhouse cheddar from Tinamba. After cooking and pressing, the cheese is wrapped in cloth and matured to an optimal age of between 15 – 24 months in Maffra’s purpose built temperature and humidity controlled cellar.

Berry’s Creek, Riverina Blue, 150g
Gippsland Victoria, Blue, Buffalo

Named in honour of the buffalo breed grazing near Woodside in Gippsland, this cheese is steadily becoming our signature variety. It has a soft and creamy texture with a sweet delicacy complimenting the purity of this outstanding milk.

Berry’s Creek, Tarwin Blue, 150g
Gippsland Victoria, Blue, Cow

Like the Tarwin River, this highly awarded flagship cheese reflects earthy qualities especially on maturity with a lasting intensity and a texture full of soft, smooth appeal.

Château Les Mesclances Charmes Rosé
Provence, France, 750mL, 13% Alc / Vol

Located in one of France’s oldest wine producing regions, Château Les Mesclances is a winery with deep family history dating back to the roman times. With the knowledge acquired through generations of wine making and the perfect climate offered by the Provence region. Lively. Crisp. Sweet.

Lavosh Crackers - from Australian owned and made Kurrajong kitchens, these crackers are the perfect accompaniment to your cheese selection.

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Occasionally the cheeses listed above are unavailable and will be replaced with similar cheese.