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A little collection of three cheeses.
Just enough to brighten someone’s day or to send to yourself. Tangy goats cheese from France, decadent triple cream brie from Queensland and a classic Australian cheddar from Gippsland, Victoria. 

Jacquin Buchette Goats Cheese, Goats Milk, Fresh Curd, Loire Valley, France, 150g
The Loire Valley is known for its picturesque gardens and plentiful fruit production, a result of the few degrees of temperature that the Loire River brings to the region. The abundance of vegetation was recognised by Arab migrants in the 8th century, who left behind goats and recipes for cheese. The region became the starting point of goat’s-milk cheese production in France with varying styles made on both sides of the river. The simplest is known in France as ‘chevre’: a fresh curd cheese that is eaten plain or sometimes with flavouring, including herbs, fruit, nuts or honey. Jacquin Buchette Plain is a mild and tangy fresh chevre with a slightly moist texture. Great on a cheese board but also a fantastic versatile cooking ingredient. These small logs or ‘buchettes’ have been made for three generations by the Jacquin family.

Woombye Cheese Company, Triple Cream Brie, Cows Milk, Soft Cheese, Woombye, Queensland, Australia, 200g
In 2012, Karen and Graeme Paynter decided to embark on a lifestyle change that took them from their fast paced corporate roles overseas to the Sunshine Coast hinterland where they started Woombye Cheese Company. They were intent on settling in a rural community where they could source premium milk from neighbouring dairy farms, knowing that quality cheese production started with quality milk. Jersey and Friesian milk, collected from three local farms is used to make a range of surface ripened cheese. A thin bloomy white rind hides a deliciously rich and creamy centre. The addition of extra cream and the already rich jersey milk creates a luxurious cheese that begs for an effervescent accompaniment.

Maffra Cloth Aged Cheddar, Cows Milk, Semi-Hard, Gippsland, Victoria,180g
Maffra’s Cloth-Aged Cheddar is a multi-award winning farmhouse cheddar from Tinamba. After cooking and pressing, the cheese is wrapped in cloth and matured to an optimal age of between 15 – 24 months in Maffra’s purpose built temperature and humidity controlled cellar. The cheddar has a soft, crumbly texture with a long smooth palate. Cheese maker Ferial Zekiman AM has been a long time aficionado of the traditional English style cheese making and this is apparent in the subtle grassy flavours, driven by her Holstein-Frieisan herd.

This pack contains

Jacquin Buchette Plain 100g
Woombye Triple Cream Brie 200g
Maffra Cheese Company Cloth aged Cheddar 150g

Sometimes the cheeses listed in this pack might not be available, we will change them for something equally premium and delicious.

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