Just for the kids


Luca our 7 year old was none too impressed that we had no ‘kids’ packs in our collection. So during our latest round of development he came up with his own pack. It’s got chips, chocolate and cheese - what more could a child want?! Or adult to pinch from the pack when they aren’t looking! 

Bret's Chips Fromage du Jura, France
Love Chips? Love Comte? Now you can have both in one delicious packet. Bret’s are based in Central Brittany (or Breton in French) and still 100% family owned today. Bret’s partner with 285 local potato farmers in Brittany and the Auvergne and use only potatoes that are suitable for the production of chips. The French Jura chips are made with 100% PDO Comté from the French Jura & have the perfect balance of floral and fruity notes.

Sisko Chocolate, Large Freckle
Handmade in Melbourne, Sisko chocolate founder Christina uses Milk French couverture chocolate to create a large chocolate disk, then tops them with fun sprinkles. Just perfect for the inner child in all of us! 

Maffra Cloth Aged Cheddar, Cows Milk, Semi-Hard, Gippsland, Victoria,180g
Maffra’s Cloth-Aged Cheddar is a multi-award winning farmhouse cheddar from Tinamba. After cooking and pressing, the cheese is wrapped in cloth and matured to an optimal age of between 15 – 24 months in Maffra’s purpose built temperature and humidity controlled cellar. The cheddar has a soft, crumbly texture with a long smooth palate. Cheese maker Ferial Zekiman AM has been a long time aficionado of the traditional English style cheese making and this is apparent in the subtle grassy flavours, driven by her Holstein-Frieisan herd.

Petit d'Affinois 150g, Cows Milk, Double Cream, France
While working on the production line at a yoghurt factory in the Dauphine region of France, south east of Lyon in the 1980s, Jean Claude Guilloteau had a eureka moment. He came across a new way of making yoghurt using a special technique called ‘ultrafiltration’, and so began his obsession with applying the same technique to cheese making. The new technique not only preserves nutrients but also results in a very smooth, silky texture and rich creamy flavour, making the d’Affinois (down under we affectionately call it ‘daff’) range of cheeses one of the world’s most sought after.

Oliver Lane Crispbread​
Handmade in Melbourne these crackers are thinly cut and baked crisp from artisan loaves. They are gluten free with subtle flavours to add an extra layer of flavour to your cheese. We hope you enjoy the creations from this newly discovered local small business.

The Chocolate Box, Praline filled lady bugs
Cute and sweet, little milk chocolate bugs filled with praline.

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