Papillon Black Label Roquefort, AOC, 125g


Papillon Black Label Roquefort, AOC
France, Blue, Ewe, 125g

The famous “Butterfly” brand now represents more than 12% of all Roquefort produced and is well known for its consistently moist ivory texture interspersed with striking steely blue moulds.

Part of what makes this cheese a stand out amongst its peers is the use of a special mould grown on rye bread deep underground in the company’s caves during autumn. This is ground into a fine powder and used to seed the young curds during cheese making. Whilst the AOC requires a minimum maturation of 14 days in the cave, Papillon ages for 20 days to ensure thorough development of blue mould. The wheels are then aged in their dairy for a minimum of 4 -5 months, so the cultures can continue to develop their characteristic complexity of flavour and veining.

The black wrapped foil cheese is officially recognised by the prestigious Guilde des Fromagers.

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