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The complete cheese platter from Maggie Beer


From Australia’s most love cook comes this delectable collection of South Australian cheese and accompaniments. Everything you need to create a cheese platter at home for yourself or the complete gift for someone special.

Maggie Beer Triple Cream Brie 
True to name, this luscious Brie has cream added to the milk before the curd making stage, boosting the amount of butterfat to give a wonderfully buttery mouthfeel. An increased amount of cream in the finished cheese makes for a well-balanced acidity and decadent texture, perfect to serve with Maggie’s Quince

Maggie Beer Classic Camembert
This Camembert gives a nutty flavour on the palate with a wonderfully soft, creamy mouthfeel that develops over time to become truly velvety in texture. Surface ripened, it is a rich example of a classic Camembert.

Maggie Beer Bold Blue
When young, this blue has a beautifully fresh, cheddar flavour to match its higher moisture content and firm structure. Then as it ages, so too does the depth of flavour and fruity complexity, resulting in only a touch of salt and a melt in the mouth creaminess. 

Maggie Beer Duck and Orange Pate
Duck & Orange pate is earthy, rich, and yet light on the palate to finish. A full flavoured pate perfect to serve as an appetiser, spooned straight from the tub onto freshly toasted bread.

Maggie Beer Quince Paste
Maggie’s love for the quince came from the beauty of the tree in flower, so after reading prolifically about it she trialled her first ‘membrillo’ or quince paste. Quince paste is the perfect accompaniment with traditional Brie and Camembert.

Maggie's Orchard Dried Pears
Drying fruit on the racks in the sun has been a Barossa tradition since the first settlers planted orchards. Maggie’s is across the creek from her  Farm Shop and is one of only a few commercial orchards left in the valley and it's a tradition she is determined to keep. The flavour of Barossa dried fruits are truly like no other.

What’s in the pack?
Maggie Beer Triple Cream Brie 200g
Maggie Beer Classic Camembert 200g
Maggie Beer Bold Blue 100g
Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
Maggie Beer Duck and Orange Pate 120g
Maggie's Orchard Dried Pears
Oliver Lane Gluten Free Crispbread

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